Nick Droz



  • Album artwork design
  • Audio Cassette Packaging | 2-panel J-card
  • Digital artwork files (for use on the interwebz)
  • Print-ready artwork files

Fuzzy Nonsense | Mono A Mono Album Artwork and Audio Cassette Packaging

Mono A Mono is an audio project of Seattle artist Nick Droz. Fuzzy Nonsense is the first official release. It was recorded entirely on 4-Track tape, mixed to mono, and released on glorious lo-fi audio cassette.

The client wanted the album artwork to seamlessly blend balls-to-the-wall “metal” with pure silliness. His concept involved using the creative grooming dog photo.

The dog is prominently featured on the cover set against a dark-gloomy backdrop. The grid on the ground provides depth, which adds to the cheesy 80s metal aesthetic we were after.

A rough sketch version of the dog also appears on the inside of the j-card.

If you were at a record shop and you saw to see this Fuzzy Nonsense audio cassette in a bin containing a bunch of other audio cassettes, there is no way that you wouldn’t pick it up to get a closer look.

“Insert fancy Nick Droz quote!”

— Nick Droz
Musician / Songwriter, Mono A Mono

Mono A Mono | Fuzzy Nonsense

Loud. Low-Fi. And Awesome.

“Insert fancy Nick Droz quote.”

— Nick Droz | Musician / Songwriter, Mono A Mono